About SIKPCs

"Know Your Roots"

The First SIK PC

Build Date: 2009

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400

8GB of DDR2 memory

PNY Geforce GTX 260 896mb

Random eBay 750w PSU

Antec 1200 case

SIK PC Image

About Us

SIKPCs LLC is a boutique PC company established in April 2022. We've been converting console noobs into full-blown PC gamers ever since Mikey built his first PC in 2009. We never looked back.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Premium computers built with top-notch components
  • Phanteks cases
  • Asus Motherboards & GPUs
  • SeaSonic Power supplies
  • G.Skill memory
  • Samsung, Kingston & Crucial SSDs
  • Arctic and Noctua CPU coolers
  • Phanteks & Noctua Case fans

Experience the Difference

We offer unrivaled customer service, after-sale presence, and total price transparency. Every build has its own dedicated spreadsheet embedded into the product page. With this, you can see the breakdown of every part that goes into your PC and how much it costs right down to the penny. There are no hidden fees.

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